POSITION:                                            Principal


EDUCATION:                                        Stanford University, Master of Science, Structural Engineering, 1982

                                                           Stanford University, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 1981.



PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATIONS:          Licensed Professional Structural and Civil Engineer in Oregon, Washington,                                                                             Idaho, Hawaii, and California  Licensed Professional Engineer in Arizona, and                                                                          Montana.


PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS:             City of Portland Structural Engineer Advisory Committee (Past Member)

                                                          Structural Engineers Association of Oregon State of Oregon                                                                                                   Structural/Lateral Force Committee American Institute of Steel                                                                                             Construction (AISC).


VOLUNTEER AFFILIATIONS:                  Executive Committee Member and Former Chairman of the Board:  Boys &                                                                            Girls Clubs of Metro Portland Providence St. Vincent Foundation Council of                                                                            Trustees.


EXPERIENCE:                                       Mr. Rippey has served as principal/project manager for the structural design of                                                                       over ten million square feet of buildings.  Mr. Rippey has been project manager                                                                     for the structural design of a variety of commercial, industrial, and multifamily                                                                       projects, providing in-depth knowledge of a wide range of building systems,                                                                         building materials, and computer applications.  The commercial projects include                                                                     seismic upgrades, as well as new office buildings, retail, and light industrial                                                                           buildings.


                                                          Mr. Rippey was a member of the City of Portland Committee that prepared the                                                                     provisions for five story wood frame construction.  Mr. Rippey has also been                                                                         responsible for the review and evaluation of numerous existing and proposed                                                                         structures for various users, purchasers, and lending institutions.  Mr. Rippey has                                                                     also served on the State of Oregon Building Code Structures Board for six years,                                                                     assisting in writing lateral force provisions of the State of Oregon building code.